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Thursday, March 3, 2011

The Vampire Phenomenon has "Sucked" Me In!!!!

I think I have unwittingly just supported the whole "Twilight" phenomenon in some way...I tried to avoid it.  I did.  But now I actually own something that sports the words "Team Edward" within it's pages.  And I love it.  What was that sound?  ah, yes, the sound of my own world crashing around me.  After much deliberation and assessing my strong aversion to anything regarding glittery emotionless trust-fund teenage vampires I could no longer resist the adorable patterns in the book Vampire Knits.

I blame the recent cold snap that made me search for a lovely hooded cowl pattern.  The one that spoke to me most was the pattern Under Cover of Midnight .  I was taken by the broad collar appearance and ample hood, not to mention the cables.  And, just as an added bonus, the yardage the pattern required was a mere 440 yards.  Excellent!

I ended up tweaking the pattern a bit, as I am known to do:  I used a worsted weight yarn (Shepherd's Wool) in the color 'Berries', a lovely burgundy shade with flecks of black and deep purple throughout.  This caused the problem of going from a bulky to a worsted and throwing off gauge, so I also went down a needle size.  Figuring from the pictures I saw that the cowl itself was on the larger side I just went with the pattern as far as the cable repeats and final knitted length as written.

I am so thrilled with the result.  I put it on as soon as I bound off.  Didn't even worry about blocking I was so hyped to show it off.  Received many compliments.

It's unfortunate that  as of recent I can't seem to get a decent picture of myself.  I blame being tired and stressed.  I'm starting to resemble Nosferatu.

 I wonder if he has a team?

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