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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Not All Projects are Good Projects

I tend to use this blog as my personal opportunity to brag, and show off the projects I'm really proud of.  Well, not this time, lucky readers.  Not this time.....

I had had a bunch of random black worsted yarn laying around in my stash, taking up space but not boasting tags bearing yardage or fiber content.  It wasn't really stuff I wanted to make something great with, more like stuff I wanted to use and move from the bins in my closet.  I decided to use the opportunity to come up with my own brilliant design of a tunic-like dress.  The ideas in my head proved to be much better than the end result.  Cowl neck collar? check.  Awesome little pocket on the front? check.  Cables? check.  A GORGEOUS appearance when only photographing a teeny tiny portion of the dress?  check and double check.

The knitting is uniform, the design looks great at this close a range.  But sadly I couldn't just leave it at that.  I actually have to show the dress in entirety...
SOOOOOOOO not good.  It's one of those "seemed like a good idea at the time" designs.  It's a bit too short (and yes, I did try putting it as a tunic over leggings/jeans, but the cut is entirely unflattering no matter what!) nad it makes me look like a sausage packed too tightly in its casing. 

Back to the drawing board for me!!!!

I'm already Sick of Summer, C'mon Autumn!

Yeah, yeah....Summer's great and all but I had to start a darling little project for a friend's baby who is due this September.  Put me in a "Make apple cider and watch the leaves fall" mood about 3 months too soon.  Ah, well, soon enough!

Here are the hat and booties made for the little Pumpkin Head!

Just used random scraps of easy care orange and olive green superwash wool.  These little projects take no time whatsoever.