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Saturday, April 2, 2011

Another Blog About Hats

I realized as I finished my last post about baby hats and holding my son's little preemie hat from when he was born 10 years ago just how much that kid has grown.

...So, time for a new hat.

This pattern from Carissa Knits blog was just about the most perfect pattern for my kid that I could possibly imagine....and it's freeeeeeeeeeee!

My son is one of the biggest Star Wars fans I know. He can give you the down low in the Galactic Empire, the specs of the latest models of pod racers and light sabers and a who's-who list of the Jedi High Council.  My son is a walking Wookiepedia.  When he saw a pattern to make a beanie resembling R2D2 I practically had to wipe the drool off my keyboard.

It's a great pattern in and of itself: Multiple size options (Child, Adult Small and Adult Large), chart OR written instructions, even different  methods for embellishments (duplicate stitch or color stranding).  Awesome.

I ended up making him the Adult Small size, although in hindsight I  may have been better off making the child's size.  No matter, he can grow into it.  I started doing the charted/color stranding method, but I think my combination of worsted yarn and large needles (size 7DPNs) made it awkward for me and created some gaps in my finished project that I wasn't too pleased with.  So, I frogged and started over doing the striped beanie method with a LOT of duplicate stitch embroidery detail work....and I do mean a LOT.  I think I spent way more time stitching the details rather than knitting the actual hat.

But goodness, did the man-child love it:

It's amazing to see in size and in style of simple knitted hats how much my baby has grown.

If he keeps up at this rate, I'll be investing in both University AND larger amounts of yarn!