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Friday, February 25, 2011

Fun With Lace and Ruffles

I finally got to play with my Ella Rae Lace yarn!
After much decision making I had settled on purchasing color #127, a lovely purple, magenta, black and white hand dyed lace merino yarn, the colour vaguely reminiscent of a fresh bruise.  Delightful.  The yardage was fabulous, 460 yards per skein of a delicious extra fine merino wool yarn.  I decided to embark on the Koigu Ruffle Scarf I had wanted to make for so long.

The scarf itself was quite simple for one to accomplish, if one doesn't mind casting on over 650 stitches,knitting the pattern lengthwise, decreasing, increasing again, then ending up with another HUGE amount of stitches again at the end.  But I digress.  It makes a lovely ruffle.

When my scarf came off the needles it was quite curly, so I decided to go against the manufacturer's warning and used a low wool setting on my iron to gently press the ruffles out a bit.  The result was a much more relaxed version of the scarf: exactly what I wanted!

 I think the scarf looks vaguely reminiscent of jellyfish tentacles.  Or a piece of errant seaweed.  Hmm....that could be a good look.  Wonder if I can find some kelp coloured lace weight  yarn...

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