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Friday, December 16, 2011

The Tibia's connected to the Fibula! The Fibula's connected to the Patella!......

Ok, I know it's been WAY too long since I've posted.  Darned life keeps getting in the way!  Now, since it's December and I haven't even posted ANYTHING about my October projects, I guess I'd better catch up...after all, there's a lot of holiday gifts I'll have to post about soon!

That being said, here's my latest original design!

Being a huge anatomy geek I quickly noted how I was severely lacking anatomical knit wear.  These were my first installation, and I hope to keep up with the line once life gets a little less chaotic!
I was quite pleased with the design, although I must have weirdly shaped legs, seeing as though not a single pair of leg warmers I have ever made seems to stay up, no matter how much ribbing/cuffing/elastic I use!

And, yes, I promise I will have the patter/charts published both here and on Ravelry.com, as soon as I get off my duff and computerize the file, create the mirror image of the left leg, and actually write out the instructions in something other than henscratch and shorthand.

                                                    Here's all I have so far....pathetic.

My next plan is to create a coordinating glove pattern with the carpals, articulations, phalanges, etc.  Then maybe on to a spinal cord/chest wall/sternum sweater...we'll see!

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