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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Not All Projects are Good Projects

I tend to use this blog as my personal opportunity to brag, and show off the projects I'm really proud of.  Well, not this time, lucky readers.  Not this time.....

I had had a bunch of random black worsted yarn laying around in my stash, taking up space but not boasting tags bearing yardage or fiber content.  It wasn't really stuff I wanted to make something great with, more like stuff I wanted to use and move from the bins in my closet.  I decided to use the opportunity to come up with my own brilliant design of a tunic-like dress.  The ideas in my head proved to be much better than the end result.  Cowl neck collar? check.  Awesome little pocket on the front? check.  Cables? check.  A GORGEOUS appearance when only photographing a teeny tiny portion of the dress?  check and double check.

The knitting is uniform, the design looks great at this close a range.  But sadly I couldn't just leave it at that.  I actually have to show the dress in entirety...
SOOOOOOOO not good.  It's one of those "seemed like a good idea at the time" designs.  It's a bit too short (and yes, I did try putting it as a tunic over leggings/jeans, but the cut is entirely unflattering no matter what!) nad it makes me look like a sausage packed too tightly in its casing. 

Back to the drawing board for me!!!!


  1. OH stop it! Its totally cute on you!!! You're very talented!

  2. I think maybe the dress looks ok, it's just my gut I'm not happy with!